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Our budget planner will help you to understand your monthly household finances.

Step 1 - Household Income


Benefits & Tax Credits


Other Income

Household Income Total

Step 2 - Essential Expenditure

Mortgage / Rent

Other Property Charges

Utilities & Council Tax

Other Essential Expenditure

Essential Expenditure Total

Step 3 - Other Expenditure

Phone and TV


Vehicles & Transport

Other Expenditure

Other Expendature Total

Step 4 - Priority Debt Arrears

Your Home

Other Arrears

Total Prority Debt Arrears

Step 5 - Unsecured Debt Arrears

Unsecured Debt

Total Unsecured Debt Arrears

Step 6 - Finally

Your Details

Summary of your finances

Household Income Total
Essential Expendature Total
Other Expendature Total
Prority Debt Arrears Total
Unsecured Debt Arrears Total
Disposable Income

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