What is a County Court Judgment?

A County Court Judgment (CCJ) is a type of court order that might be registered against you if you fail to repay money you owe.

County Court Judgments for debt arise when someone takes Court action against you (stating you owe them money). If the Court formally decide that you owe the money, they will issue you with a County Court Judgment. The Judgment will be issued to you via post and will explain how much you owe, how to pay (either in full or in instalments), the deadline for paying and who to pay.

Once registered, the Judgment will be entered on your credit record with the Register of Judgments, Orders and Fines and this information will be made available to Credit Reference Agencies. This will remain on your credit record for six years from the date it was entered. This record can make obtaining credit in the future more expensive and can seriously affect your ability to obtain a mortgage, credit card, bank account and even a mobile phone contract in the future.

Once registered you will have a 30-day period in which you will be able to completely remove the County Court Judgment from your credit record. In order to do this, you must pay the full balance of the County Court Judgment within 30 days of the Judgment being issued. The date of issue will be stated on the Judgment which will be sent to you by the Court once Judgment has been issued.

If a County Court Judgment has been issued against you, we would urge you to contact us to discuss affordable repayment options.

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